As New Democrats, we believe that everybody should have access to all health care supports, including dental care. We believe that everybody deserves timely access to a full range of dental health treatments and services regardless of their ability to pay. 

Unlike the Liberals and Conservatives, New Democrats will give people without coverage help right now. Our plan is straight forward and feasible. It will immediately help precarious workers, people who are self-employed, young Canadians without benefits and seniors across this country. This plan will make a huge difference in people’s lives. It’s certainly our hope that the government will support our motion and make dental care a reality for millions of Canadians.

Currently, one-third of Canadians don't have a dental plan and 9 million people will finally get dental care. There is the largest expansion of health care in our country in over 50 years with the expansion of dental care. Dental care is health care, and everyone should be able to get access to dental care that would not hurt their pockets. 

We have proven that with our dental care plan to make sure that children under 12 get access to dental care. We hit second base this year with seniors and people living with disabilities. Next year we hit third base with all families that earn $90,000 or less.

Some day I hope that everybody in this country has access to dental care. 

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