Every Party has tabled petitions for volunteer firefighter, search, & rescue tax credit

A huge honour to rise in the House of Commons to table over 70 petitions in support of my Bill C-310, calling for the firefighter tax credit for search and rescue volunteers and volunteer firefighters to be increased from $3,000 to $10,000. I was pleased to give kudos to every member in the House and every party, because we have had petitions tabled from the Green Party, the Liberal Party, the Conservative Party, the Bloc and of course New Democrats on behalf of firefighters and search and rescue volunteers from coast to coast to coast calling for the government to make this change in the upcoming budget. A tribute to all of the selfless hours these volunteers put in, putting their lives on the line for us. It is critical we support them and that the government supports them in this call to action. More than 165 communities have written to the Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs to support this bill.

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