Fix our Healthcare system

Fix our Healthcare system

Decades of cuts to federal health care transfers by Liberal and Conservative governments, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, have undermined our health care system’s ability to provide healthcare services to Canadians. Currently one in five Canadians does not have a family doctor.

The NDP has a plan:

  • Increased federal financial support through the Canada Health Transfer
  • Measures that address staffing shortages such as accelerating foreign credential recognition and incentives to attract more physicians into family care
  • Increasing medical and nursing school seats.
  • Investments in preventative care
  • Expanding non-profit long-term care beds

We need political will, cooperation, and accountability from all actors. And we need national leadership to protect our Universal Public Health Care system.

The Prime Minister must urgently sit down with the premiers and territorial leaders to negotiate stable, sufficient, and long-term federal health care funding to support health care workers and save Canadians' lives.

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