IN THE NEWS – Nanaimo News Bulletin - Probe into former residential school in Alberni resets death toll at 67

Last week's announcement ended with a number of calls to action, including a request for funding from the federal government so the nation can conduct more research and replace the former residential school buildings on its territory with a healing centre. Courtenay-Alberni MP Gord Johns, who attended the event, said that Canada needs to step up and answer the call to action.

"They provided the resources to build these institutions, they need to provide the resources to tear them down and remove them, but also to replace them with healing," said Johns.

Tseshaht First Nation never asked for the school to be placed on its territory, but community members now have to live with the ghosts of the residential school. Watts described stories of swings moving without any wind, lights turning off and on and the sounds of children playing in an empty gymnasium.

"The things we're sharing today are the things we've been taught as kids," he said. "We hope survivors feel that the truth they've been speaking to us for decades has come to light. We hope they feel a little lighter today."

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