IN THE NEWS- NDP Leader must support changes to Bill C-11

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh has a golden opportunity to show that he can stand up to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau by keeping the government from removing important important amendments to Bill C-11. 

Under the government's preferred version of Bill C-11, bureaucrats would be able to regulate and filter what Canadians can see in their streaming feeds and on social media.

The Senate passed Bill C-11, but made an important change. The Senate version of the bill prevents the government from filtering Canadians' social media posts and feeds while still leaving the regulation of streaming feeds in place.

The NDP voted for Bill C-11 when it was first in the House of Commons and may be inclined to do so again. But New Democratic MP Gord Johns continues to insist that "the NDP has always stood up for freedom of expression" and that the party's position on free expression wouldn't change with Bill C-11

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