Liberals and Conservatives stand up for rich oil corporations while Canadians try to make ends meet

OTTAWA– Last week, the Liberals and Conservatives teamed up to vote down an NDP proposal to stop giving billions of taxpayer dollars to profitable oil and gas companies and instead reinvest that money in Canadians struggling to make ends meet. In the last year, big oil and gas companies have made record profits – Imperial Oil made its largest profit in thirty years and Cenovus’ profits increased sevenfold. Yet, families across the country are getting gouged at the pumps and are struggling to pay the bills – gas prices have surged past 2 dollars per litre.

“Canadians should not have to sacrifice seeing loved ones because of unaffordable gas prices or cut back on groceries just to pay the bills," said NDP MP Gord Johns (Courtenay – Alberni). "The Liberals, with the support of the Conservatives, keep helping big oil and gas companies, not British Columbians. New Democrats know Canadians deserve better, and we will keep fighting for Canadians to have the support they need to make ends meet.” 

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