The government should initiate a national program for all provincial farmers’ market nutrition coupon programs (FMNCPs) that would match provinces who are already contributing to their FMNCPs, and help provinces that do not have a such program by assisting with framework and program development.

The petitioners who have signed this petition are calling on the Government of Canada to support Motion No. 66 and initiate a national program for all provincial farmers' market nutrition coupon programs. This would match provinces that already contribute to their farmers' market nutrition coupon programs and help provinces that do not have these coupon programs with program development. They also cite that farmers' markets are a key tool for COVID-19 recovery, small business incubators, domestic system and food security builders, and local economy community builders.

Farmers' market coupon programs are a key support for new market development and for existing markets and their provincial associations. A national program would create more food security and resiliency by giving vulnerable people access to healthy, locally grown foods and dietary education, while positively impacting the physical and mental health of participants by increasing the amount of diversity of fruits and vegetables they consume.

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