This Motion recognizes that the House recognize the dismantling end-of-life marine vessels (“shipbreaking”) presents potential opportunities for Canada in relation to economic development and the transition to a circular economy, there are significant risks to workers and the environment associated with shipbreaking due to the presence of a wide variety of hazardous materials in end-of-life marine vessels, unlike other jurisdictions, Canada lacks standards on shipbreaking and unregulated shipbreaking activities which are putting our oceans, coastal communities and workers at risk, the lack of domestic oversight of shipbreaking and disposal of end-of-life marine vessels frustrates Canada’s ability to ensure compliance with its international obligations under the Basel Convention; and in the opinion of the House, the government should, develop enforceable federal standards to reduce the negative environmental and social impacts of shipbreaking that meet or exceed those set out in the EU Ship Recycling Regulation, provide assistance through loans or grants to long-term, reputable shipbreaking companies to facilitate implementation of new federal standards into their operations, develop a strategy for recycling end-of-life federally owned marine vessels.

Watch Gord speak about ship breaking here: 

MP Johns urges Liberal gov't to protect Union Bay from shipbreaking

MP Gord Johns Presses Government On Lack Of Hazardous Ship Breaking Regulations

MP Gord Johns Asks Government About Ship Breaking Regulations

MP Johns continues pressuring gov't to act on shipbreaking regulations

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