This motion pushes the House to recognize that the deep sea plays a vital role in the health of the world’s oceans, the International Seabed Authority is considering regulations for deep seabed mining in the international seabed that will not adequately protect marine ecosystems, there is significant uncertainty surrounding deep seabed mining which has the potential to cause irreparable environmental damage, the Fisheries Act effectively prohibits deep seabed mining in Canadian territory; and in the opinion of the House, the government should support a moratorium on deep seabed mining in the international seabed until sufficient research has been conducted on potential impacts and technological uncertainties have been resolved.

MP Johns states; "Canadians rely on our oceans for food, for our economy and livelihoods. So, we need to be doing everything possible to stop destroying our oceans and harming marine life...But when it comes to deep seabed mining, even experts don’t have enough information on how severe the harm could be to our oceans. If the experts are unsure, the governments shouldn’t be able to allow our seabed’s to be mined. Until we know more, the Liberals should be supporting an international freeze. This biodiversity loss crisis is a global issue, and already G20 countries like France are taking bold action to fight deep seabed mining. Canadians expect the same from their government to be making a real effort to fight it not just making promises to protect 30 per cent of the oceans, then instead letting rich companies get contracts that would cause irreversible harm to make a profit, And Pierre Poilievre and the Conservatives – they don’t care about our oceans, they only care about what’s best for mining companies. New Democrats on the other hand are fighting for the future of our planet, and the people who depend on it to support their families. That’s why we’re calling for a ban on deep seabed mining – to protect our oceans and the communities that rely on them"

Watch Gord Johns Speak on Sea Mining Here: 

MP Johns Calls For Deep Sea Mining Moratorium

MP Johns ask why the government is missing in action on protecting our ocean seabed

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