New Democrats introduce framework for Universal Pharmacare for Canadians

In case you missed it in the news today, New Democrats delivered a framework for the next steps of universal pharmacare for Canadians. As a first step, the NDP forced the government to cover contraception and diabetes medications and devices free of charge for everyone who needs them. This and other pharmacare benefits can save those impacted by diabetes around $1,500 each year. As I said in our media release: “No one in our community should have to pick between putting food on the table or paying for their medication, but unfortunately, that’s the reality for many. “For people with diabetes, insulin and the medical devices they need can cost hundreds of dollars each month – it’s unaffordable. That’s why New Democrats fought to get this essential health coverage by forcing the government to act after thirty years of Liberal broken promises. All while the Conservatives avoided pharmacare altogether because they were too busy listening to their friends in Big Pharma.” The Liberals have been promising to act on pharmacare since 1997, but until now, no progress has been made to deliver the medication people need free of charge. Canada is the only G7 country with a universal health care system that doesn’t include a pharmacare program.

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