Oppose Privatization Of Our Healthcare System

Oppose Privatization Of Our Health Care System

World-class health care should be waiting for you when you need it, not just when you can afford it. We can best deliver that by rebuilding and growing our public system — not allowing Conservative premiers to decimate it with American-style for-profit health corporations. Protecting public universal Canadian health care should be a condition that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau puts on provinces to receive funding — but instead, Trudeau is turning his back so Conservatives and their friends can profit off pain and illness.
In Ontario, Premier Doug Ford’s decision to give part of our health care system to for-profit corporations will mean a deeper hospital staffing crisis, longer waits, and inevitable fees for patients.
With privatization, ER and surgery wait times will grow because the private clinics poach nurses and doctors. The urgent care crisis will get worse.
We have seen the kind of care people get when profits are the priority — just look at the brutal, deadly and disgusting conditions in for-profit long-term care homes during the pandemic.
Trudeau is ready to let the provinces funnel federal health care dollars into the pockets of for-profit corporate investors. The NDP is not. We must rebuild our public healthcare system.

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