NDP MP Gord Johns Statement on Mental Health Week

NDP Mental Health and Harm Reduction Critic Gord Johns made the following statement: 

"Everyone, at some point in their lives, will feel the impacts of mental health issues- whether it's a loved one who is suffering, a friend, a colleague, or even ourselves. And when this happens, it can be scary and cause tremendous worry. 

That's why Canadians want to know that when their loved ones are struggling, or they themselves are having a hard time, good care and support will be readily available. 

But under the current Liberal government, getting the help you need can take months. And once you can finally access support, the costs are very high. People are already struggling with the high cost of living, and having to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for help with your mental health just causes more stress for Canadians in crisis. 

Action is needed urgently. 

Every day in Canada, more than 200 people attempt to take their own life and about 20 people die from toxic substances overdoses. This is a public health emergency that government needs to confront to save lives. 

New Democrats are committed to this fight, that's why we're pushing to make sure the Liberals actually deliver on a Canada Mental Health Transfer, and why we've called for the GST to be removed from all therapy services. 

This week, we promise not to give up this fight. Together, we can make a difference by supporting physical and mental wellness and reducing the stigma, so that no one has to suffer in silence". 


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