Better Service For Our Veterans

Better Service For Our Veterans

Canada’s veterans put their lives on the line so that we have a fair and free society. We are indebted to them and we owe them the benefits that every Canadian deserves.

The Liberals have a responsibility to protect and fight for those who have served our country. But after seven years of not fixing these problems and outsourcing rehab services to companies that only care about making money – it’s clear that the Liberals don’t want to step up to help veterans or support workers.

The people who have proudly served this country need to be properly supported, and the most important first step is a successful transition from military to civilian life. We must deliver good quality rehabilitation services for veterans. For many veterans such services are critical for their mental and physical health. Staffing shortages and backlogs have meant our veterans have had to wait months, even years, for this help.

Gord Johns and the NDP are pressing for accessible, timely rehabilitation services that deliver good quality rehabilitation services and prioritize the needs of our veterans over profit.

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