Over 27,000 Canadians have died since 2016, and we know that every day 20 Canadians die from fatal drug poisoning.

Canada's current drug policies have proven ineffective in the prevention of substance use and have exacerbated the harmful effects of drug use. The "war on drugs" has resulted in widespread stigmatization towards those who use drugs and allowed organized crime to have a monopoly on the illegal market of controlled substances. Problematic substance use is a health issue and is not resolved through criminalizing personal possession and consumption.

Decriminalization of personal possession has resulted in a significant reduction in illicit drug toxicity deaths in the countries that have modernized their drug policy.

Bill C-216 proposes:

  1. The reform of Canadian drug policies to decriminalize simple possession of drugs listed in the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act;
  2. The expungement of conviction records for simple possession of controlled substances; 
  3. A health-based National Strategy that includes access to a regulated safer supply of drugs, the expansion of trauma-informed treatment services, recovery and harm reduction services, and public education and awareness campaigns throughout Canada

Second reading debate of Bill C-216 is on May 20th, 2022 and the vote to move the bill to committee stage is June 1st, 2022. 

Read the full text of the Bill Media backgrounder

Expert Task Force On Substance Use Reports

Watch the debate below:

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