Across the country costs are rising. Families are cutting meals to make ends meet and Canadians are increasingly relying on their credit cards just to get by. Meanwhile, the profits of grocery chains have more than doubled since 2019 and the oil and gas industry has seen profit rise by a stunning 1000 percent during the same period.

The Liberals government chooses to protect profits of corporations and CEOs instead of getting help to British Columbians feeling the crunch. Conservatives want to slash pensions and cut employment insurance, even as unemployment rates are predicted to rise.

CEOs and big corporations must pay what they owe instead of taking advantage of tax loopholes and tax-payer funded subsidies. Many countries in the world require corporations to pay an Excess Profit Tax. I, along with my NDP colleagues, am pushing the government to implement an Excess Profit Tax in Canada and invest the moneys in measures that put money back in the pockets of Canadians like the removal of GST from home heating.

Canadians need programs and policies that prioritize affordability over profits for corporations or the ultra-wealthy.


IN THE NEWS- A perfect storm for mental health needs and care in the economic downturn

In The News- Rising Costs of living are having a major impact on the mental health of millions of Canadians. 

Written by Gord Johns, he states that the mental health of Canadians continues to worsen with alarming numbers of the population experiencing higher levels of anxiety, depression, mood disorders, and suicidal ideation in this economic downturn. 

We know this from recent research by the independent Mental Health Research Canada (MHRC), and from warning from the Canadian Mental Health Association (CHMA). 

We also know this from our own families, friends, and co-workers. Members of Parliament know this from constituents, including heartbreaking stories from parents faced with mortgaging the family home to finance substance use disorder treatment for a child, or from a low-income worker unable to afford a private practitioner and stuck on a months-long wait list to see a hospital psychologist.


IN THE NEWS- NDP MP Gord Johns brought motion to protect public land and build more affordable homes

OTTAWA – On Thursday, NDP Public Service and Procurement Critic Gord Johns brought forward a motion to determine which government buildings could be converted into housing and to ensure that public land isn’t sold off to rich private developers, so that more Canadians have a safe and affordable place to call home.

“Canada is experiencing one of the worst housing crises we’ve ever seen. Rent is astronomically high in every city across the country, and it’s become harder for people to buy a home,” said Johns. “It’s well past time for the Liberal government to do something to lower prices and build more homes. People feel sick and tired of the Liberals' plans, which always come too late and benefit luxury condo developers.”

Johns’ motion would call the Minister of Housing, the President of the Treasury Board and the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) to participate in a Parliamentary study on the Government of Canada’s real estate portfolio to build housing. Johns is hopeful that the committee will support initiatives to turn government property into non-market, social housing while also ensuring that the government doesn’t sell off public land to rich housing developers, like has happened with the Greenbelt in Ontario, under Conservative Premier Doug Ford.

IN THE NEWS- Federal Comittee will probe contracts with other consulting firms, not just McKinsey

Ottawa- A Parliamentary Committee probing federal contracts awarded to McKinsey & Company will now look into other consulting firms' relationship with Ottawa. 

New Democrat MP Gord Johns brought forward a motion to expand the scope of the study and MPs on the committee unanimously approved it on Monday. 

McKinsey has received attention in recent weeks after media reports highlighted the rapid growth of the company's work for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Liberal government. 

IN THE NEWS – Alberni Valley News - Courtenay-Alberni MP urges Canada to negotiate end to UK pensioners cost-of-living index freeze

Courtenay-Alberni MP Gord Johns is asking Canada to negotiate an end to the cost-of-living index freeze by the UK government for recipients of the British State Pension who live in Canada.

“Here in Courtenay-Alberni we have many retirees receiving the British State Pension and this directly affects their quality of life. Pensioners are losing tens of thousands of dollars over the course of their retirement,” said Johns, in a news release. “With the current inflation crisis, many seniors are having trouble making ends meet which is why it is critical this gets addressed without further delay.”

IN THE NEWS- With the cost-of-living skyrocketing for working families, Justin Trudeau is turning his back on them

OTTAWA – With Thursday’s Fall Economic Statement it’s become clearer – that the Liberal government is working for rich bosses, not for you and your family. The same week where studies revealed that 20% of families are cutting meals to make ends meet, that Loblaws made an extra $ 1 million a day in excess profits and that people have never taken on so much debt to get by – Justin Trudeau’s Liberals chose to protect profits instead of giving respect to British Columbians feeling the crunch.

“Families in British Columbia, and across Canada are having to make really tough choices about what bills they can pay and what bills they just can’t afford. And costs are only going to get higher as we head into the winter,” said NDP MP Gord Johns (Courtenay – Alberni). “The Fall Economic Statement only showed how out-of-touch Justin Trudeau is with the realities of working families – and the Conservatives don’t want to help you, they only want to slash your pension and cut employment insurance. We could be giving families more support – instead they Liberals are giving $15 billion to fill the pockets of rich investors. It’s wrong.”

Liberals and Conservatives stand up for rich oil corporations while Canadians try to make ends meet

OTTAWA– Last week, the Liberals and Conservatives teamed up to vote down an NDP proposal to stop giving billions of taxpayer dollars to profitable oil and gas companies and instead reinvest that money in Canadians struggling to make ends meet. In the last year, big oil and gas companies have made record profits – Imperial Oil made its largest profit in thirty years and Cenovus’ profits increased sevenfold. Yet, families across the country are getting gouged at the pumps and are struggling to pay the bills – gas prices have surged past 2 dollars per litre.

“Canadians should not have to sacrifice seeing loved ones because of unaffordable gas prices or cut back on groceries just to pay the bills," said NDP MP Gord Johns (Courtenay – Alberni). "The Liberals, with the support of the Conservatives, keep helping big oil and gas companies, not British Columbians. New Democrats know Canadians deserve better, and we will keep fighting for Canadians to have the support they need to make ends meet.” 

Support for seniors finally on the way

OTTAWA – People on Vancouver Island are finding it harder to afford groceries and rent as the cost of living rises. Vulnerable seniors have been particularly hard-hit since the LIberal government cut them off the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) they relied on forcing some to live out of their cars and do without vital supplies like medication. Earlier this week, the Liberal government finally agreed to provide a one-time payment in April with emergency funds available to those in dire financial circumstances as early as March. For almost six months, the NDP has been calling on the government to fix their mistake and have called the government's announcement a long overdue step to correct the harm that was done to seniors. 

“It’s unthinkable that the Liberal government would put seniors in a such a difficult situation and take so long to fix their own mistake. Because of their actions, seniors in my riding were left without any way of paying for their groceries, rent and medication which took a major toll on their mental health,” said MP Gord Johns (Courtenay-Alberni). “New Democrats refused to back down while seniors suffered and thankfully the Liberals listened.” 

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