Gord Johns Appreciation for Small Business

Gord Johns Appreciation for Small Business

Statement made by MP Gord Johns: 

"Best wishes to our entire small business community on Small Business Saturday in Courtenay-Alberni! Small business owners are your neighbors, fellow parents and grandparents, service club members, church parishioners and sport coaches in our communities. They are major job creators and the fact is, 66 cents of every dollar you spend at a small business in your neighbourhood stays local. Thanks to the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, Chambers of Commerce and business associations throughout the riding for their advocacy and promotion of shopping local. Get on the small business bandwagon and...shop local this holiday season!

NDP- MP Gord Johns Statement on National Addictions Awareness Week

NDP Mental Health and Harm Reduction critic Gord Johns made the following statement: 

"This week is National Addiction Awareness Week, which is an important time for us to all reflect on those who've lost their lives to toxic drug overdoses, and who are struggling with substance use disorder. 

With Canada facing a toxic substance crisis that's costs more than 30,000 lives since 2016, it's ever been more critical for the government to make necessary changes to national policy, so that mental health and substance use disorders are a part of Canada's universal health care. 

The government need to deliver a coordinated, integrated and compassionate system that meets people where they at, and when they need help. 

This week and every week, we're committed to fighting for the inclusion of no-wait, no-cost addiction treatment services as an essential component of Canada's universal healthcare system. New Democrats believe that you should be able to great treatment when you need it, without having to worry about the out-of-pocket costs, and that's what we're fighting for. 

MP Gord Johns Visits Parksville’s École Ballenas Secondary

MP Gord Johns Visits Parksville’s École Ballenas Secondary

MP Gord Johns stated: 

"The best part of my Member of Parliament job description, hands down, is showing up in the schools when invited by students or their teachers. On Friday, I was privileged to meet the students of Parksville's École Ballenas Secondary in the classroom of Ms.Jessylee Spence (Political Science 12) and Deirdre Kennedy (Socials 10). Thanks to grade 11 students Tristan and Wyatt for greeting my assistant Cameron Leckenby and I and escorting us through the halls. Tristan remembered me from an Oceanside Elementary School visit years ago! I have lost count but I told the students this was between my 15th and 20th visit to Ballenas.

I said a few words but the best part was fielding questions in the classroom. Many about the job of being a Member of Parliament and how I go about hearing constituents and representing their interests, they were curious about what it is actually like to do this work and I did my best to share my personal insight with them. Was I friends with opposition Members? What is the most heated debate I have been in? Have I ever had to stop a meeting because others are disrespectful? When I asked what is important to them, the first response was “the cost of housing”. As, always, I left with renewed hope for our future. Thanks to the administration, faculty and students of Bellanas for taking time to meet with me.

IN THE NEWS- CBC's The National: Fighting Drug Addiction isn't business for these MP's, it's personal

Ottawa- MP Gord Johns: "Thanks to CBC’s The National for last night’s feature on the personal impact of the toxic drug emergency in Canada on Members of Parliament. And thank you to my colleague Jenny Kwan and Liberal and Conservative MP’s for their heartfelt contribution to Catherine Cullen’s report. This crisis touches the lives of all Canadians and is surely deserving of a non-partisan, multi-faceted solution that puts politics aside. As I said to Catherine, Canada has expended less than 1% of the funds on the toxic drug crisis as we allocated to help Canadians through the COVID-19 pandemic. We desperately need a multi-faceted plan based on the directions set out by experts, including public health practitioners, law enforcement and those with lived and living experience. I urge you to watch this report and share it with others" 

NDP MP Gord Johns statement on Remembrance Day 2023

November 11th 2023- 

On this solemn Remembrance Day, we pay tribute to the brave Canadians who sacrificed so much for the cause of Freedom. 

We remember their courage to resilience and unwavering commitment to peace and justice. 

As we reflect, let us not only the honour the past, but pledge to preserve the values they defended. Let's drive for a world where conflicts are resolved through dialogue not violence, and where the sacrifices of those who have served are ever forgotten. 

Thank you and may we always remember. 

Watch the full video ↓

IN THE NEWS- NDP MPs slam Liberals and Conservative for refusing to give British Columbians a break on their heating bills

OTTAWA- On Wednesday, November 8th, 2023, Parliament voted on the NDP's plan to permanently help all Canadians- in every province and territory- pay their bills by taking the GST off home heating and putting in place a windfall tax on big oil and gas corporations making record profits. The money recovered from the windfall tax could have been used to help Canadians move to cheaper and cleaner home heating options. 

But the Liberals and Conservative's teamed up to vote against it. But both the Liberals and Conservative's so-called plans for home heating leave British Columbians, who don't pay a federal carbon tax, out. 

“It’s deeply upsetting to see after all their talk, that the Liberals and Conservatives chose not to support the NDP’s plan to lower home heating bills or help people switch to cheaper, and more environmentally friendly options,” said NDP MP Rachel Blaney (North Island – Powell River). “People in our communities want to see their government working for them– but Justin Trudeau and Pierre Poilievre disappointed by doing what they do best, protecting rich CEOs.”

While families are struggling to pay their heat bill, the biggest oil and gas companies in Canada bought in $38 billion in profit last year. New Democrats challenged both Justin Trudeau and Pierre Poilievre to help every Canadian by removing the GST off home heating and putting in place windfall tax on oil and gas companies making record profits, and yet again they refused to do it. 

New Democrats have been fighting to remove the GST off of home heating since Jack Layton was leader. 

"Given the challenges, Canadians are facing right now due to high inflation and high interest rates, it's absurd that the Conservatives and Liberals would vote against a common sense plan that would help all people from coast to coast to coast to keep their heat on," said NDP MP  Gord Johns (Courtenay – Alberni). “Making rich CEOs pay their fair share, to help lower costs for Canadians isn’t a stretch, the United Kingdom and other countries have done it. The only difference is the Liberals and Conservatives say what people want to hear, but they don’t have the political will to stand up to the CEOs who are driving up costs. But New Democrats do, and we’re going to keep fighting for lower costs.”

Gord Johns statement for Indigenous Veterans Day

MP Gord Johns' statement for Indigenous Veterans Day: 

November 8th, 2023- Today, On Indigenous Veterans Day, we honour all those First Nations, Inuit and Métis people who have proudly served Canada in our armed forces. More than 12,000 Indigenous people have served throughout Canada's history, many of whom continue to serve today. We know through the stories shared by Indigenous veterans and their families that they were often forced to overcome many challenges to serve in uniform, often enduring hatred and systemic racism within the ranks. Many Indigenous servicemen and women came home from war to fight for recognition and equality. We owe them, their families and communities a debt of gratitude and support on this day and every day. 

IN THE NEWS- MP Gord Johns speaks on Canada Mental Health Transfer

IN THE NEWS- Last Thursday; November 2nd, 2023, MP Gord Johns rose in the House of Commons to ask the government to change course and deliver the Canada Mental Health Transfer they so urgently need. With the cost of living, Canadians cannot afford the therapy they need from private sector mental health service providers. The publicly funded system has month-long wait lists, sometimes it takes years to see a mental health practitioner. There is no post-pandemic recovery plan to help people with mental health issues. So many people end up suffering in silence. This not acceptable especially when the Liberals campaign promise of a $4.5 billion transfer to provinces and territories has been ignored. The response? The minister acknowledged there is much work to do in all aspects of mental health and it "really requires all of us to think about how we can do everything we can to treat each other better and put mental health at the front of our workplaces and our lives." This is beyond frustrating but I will not give up this fight. Breaking this promise is costing lives. 

MP Gord Johns statement for International Biosphere Reserves Day

MP Gord Johns statement for International Biosphere Reserves Day

Statement by MP Gord Johns: 

"Happy International Day for Biosphere Reserves, everybody! Biosphere regions are designated by UNESCO and we are fortunate to have two in Courtenay-Alberni: Clayoquot Biosphere Trust and Mount Arrowsmith Biosphere Region, the only riding in Canada with more than one, in fact. There are nineteen all of Canada. On Tuesday, I cosponsored the third Biosphere Reserve Day on the Hill with my colleagues from the All-Party Climate Caucus in partnership with the Canadian Association of Biosphere Reserves. Thanks to my Ottawa team for organizing this evet and to the representatives of those Biosphere regions who were able to attend along with MP's from all parties. We payed tribute to the important work of the Biosphere Region movement in our country. They are of critical importance, conducting participatory research and supporting environmental, social, cultural and economic sustainability. Their work will benefit Canadians for generations to come, building capacity, supporting reconciliation and forging relationships in pursuit of excellence in addressing urgent environmental issues on our planet. As UNESCO has declared: we only have on planet and it is in danger. 

IN THE NEWS- A perfect storm for mental health needs and care in the economic downturn

In The News- Rising Costs of living are having a major impact on the mental health of millions of Canadians. 

Written by Gord Johns, he states that the mental health of Canadians continues to worsen with alarming numbers of the population experiencing higher levels of anxiety, depression, mood disorders, and suicidal ideation in this economic downturn. 

We know this from recent research by the independent Mental Health Research Canada (MHRC), and from warning from the Canadian Mental Health Association (CHMA). 

We also know this from our own families, friends, and co-workers. Members of Parliament know this from constituents, including heartbreaking stories from parents faced with mortgaging the family home to finance substance use disorder treatment for a child, or from a low-income worker unable to afford a private practitioner and stuck on a months-long wait list to see a hospital psychologist.


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